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I grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in a cozy little one-story house that flooded more often than not during the monsoon seasons. However, my parents liked the quiet neighborhood. So, instead of moving, they took a year to have a second floor installed instead. Now, the second floor view was a boon to my childhood imagination. The tall palm trees surrounding it alone were often a playground for my neighbors pet monkey, and I got to pet him often as the tiny primate scurried around with his long leash tied securely to the belt-loop of an impatient-looking Malay youth.

Not far beyond this tropical oasis however, peeked the silver tips of several metal giants, skyscrapers that glistened in the sun, always abuzz,and always brightly lit, even in the inkiest of nights – a marvel of modern architecture. Up-close on my frequent trips into it’s bustling center, the city reveals a less lustrous interior, but remains home to what every Malaysian, patriot or not, can be rightly proud of – Good food.

The hawker stalls, the hole-in-the-walls, the creme de la creme of restaurant halls, I have yet to see anything in my world travels that can rival the plethora of choices that tempt the taste buds in my home town. No matter how many years I continue to spend my adult life in America, I can never shake off the memory of smoky, sizzling, wok-fried ‘Cha Kuey Teow’ noodles upon my eager lips, or the sweet, soothing notes of ‘Mango Lassi’ as the cold Indian dessert slides down my parched throat. They haunt me still, those tantalizing memories of meals, a stark reminder that while I may not go hungry here in America, my soul continues to starve for a taste of home.


My dream.

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What was your dream?

My career choice form flip-flopped through 3 years of elementary school, but from then on “A Writer” always made it on there.. Until this past year.

When did writing become so painful? I needed, wanted a break, but yet I wrote staggeringly throughout a year with no real desire to do so.

I used to plop down and spool out countless stories from my head, movies flashing faster onto paper than my impatience could keep up with. That’s why movies couldn’t compete, reading was always so much more exhilarating. You chose the pace, the cast, the crescendo and the diminuendo.

Reading someone else’s story was always amazing too. You felt a connection, even though the images that raced through your mind was probably not the same the author visualized. It was a mighty collaboration, a co-directed imagery, a shared sense of empathy for the characters.

Well, I guess it’s not too late, the year’s not over yet. Even with all the things that I’ve done in my short life, the achievements and bitter losses, I can still honestly say, this year, my dream is still to be “A Writer.”


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I had a dream last night that I woke up chomping at the bit to actualize.

The trouble is, I have an entire brain library dedicated to ideas that have to be made real. The question is, what can I do with what little resources I have? Or even better, what ideas will garner me the resources required to achieve more of these ideas?

Too meta? I agree. My brain is overclocking itself.

Maybe that’s why Social Media sites like Pinterest exists. It gives people an insight into how you think, inspires others to make your ideas happen, and helps your mind take hold of important details when it’s barreling off track sometimes.

Let’s go one step further Google Glasses – Let’s automate this vicious record of our collective train of thought. I’m waiting for it.

Tick Tock.

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Time doesn’t stop.

We can move away, we can ignore the phone calls and messages people send us, we can even keep calling or sending texts to no avail.

But people will move on, surroundings will change.

It’s the usual question of, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one was around to see it, did it really fall?”

I’m writing this for the people who are escaping. Who are somehow denying change, struggling to scoop water in cupped palms, working to ignore the problems past the valley.

Please acknowledge all this, and if you can make a change, do it if you want. But even if you no longer have the ability or right to change someone else’s mind or go back in time, please continue to live life with no regrets.

It’s painful otherwise, for you and those around you who see you suffering that way.


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Trajectory of a bullet in flight is governed by a combination of the initial speed, the ballistic coefficient of the bullet, the angle at which it is fired, and external factors such as air temperature, humidity, wind speed, and air pressure.

Yesterday, a friend of mine was shot four times in the chest.

I think the worst part of it all was that I think I knew who shot her, and I knew how they were some days.

They had a relationship, not perfect by any means, punctuated by bouts of violence, but they were the Momma & Poppa of the motley crew. I looked to them for lessons good or bad, and I knew them as imperfect human beings like us.

Momma was a strong, hot-tempered, graceful woman who chastised men and women for their body hair phobia, and Poppa was a little gruff, short with people, and never let a friend leave in need.

It’s a strange situation, I’m torn between the guilt of rooting for at least him to escape this tragedy and the guilt, that I may be rooting for a friend who double-tapped a friend twice.

Death is a strange beast.

Rest In peace Angela Godley, I miss you.

Mountains Out Of Molehills

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“What will happen when I climb that mountain?”

“You will want to climb other mountains.”


张家界 – China’s National Park


It’s all about taking that first step. Then like any video game, puzzles/enemies that you thought were once impossible will become easier to handle, and you’ll eventually chase after the next level.

Chocolate Chips and Oatmeal

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I have been made fun of for serving celery boats with peanut butter to kids, laughed at for roasting cabbage with vinegar, salt and pepper, and stared at whenever I serve a calamari salad for lunch.




It’s cheap, people! Plus, it’s healthy, pretty filling, easy and fast to prep, and tastes pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

I’m not a huge fan of constant salads myself as I’ve stated in my previous post – Salad Culture, and I love me some Korean fried chicken or a Texan dripping rare steak, but spare me the health-shaming here. (Health-shaming: The equivalent of fat-shaming/skinny-shaming when the size of the person is irrelevant, just their diet.)

If you’re like me, make your peace with your greens. It’ll save you a ton on your grocery bill and you might not get all soporific after each meal either.

Trust me, that’s how I feel anyways.