11, October, 2006
Shopping? Sale? Where?

This haze iz really too much. I can’t go out to play basketball AT ALL! No showing off my new basketball, my new sweats, my new clothes. SOB.. Anywayz, I found this cool pair of pants over at a warehouse sale for Giordano. It’s a hybrid of khakis/jeans/tracks. It’s confortable, loose, can be easily accesorised and customized and only cost about RM 19. I got a bargain there huh? Besides that, the sports shop selling Adidas, Nike, Reebok and PUMA at Great Eastern Mall is having a HUGE sale. Get over there people. Things are getting cheap there! Lol. Anyways, I went to Ampang Point with Ashleigh, Megan, Vandana and Steph, my cuz! We wanted to go bowling but it was really TOO expensive! RM 6.90 cause it was a public holiday. So we skipped that idea and went window shopping instead. Which, we being red-blooded women, turned out to be real shopping… hahaha!! Drop by at PDI and check out the sale they have on temp hair dye. RM19.90, Buy 1 Free 1. Not bad huh? There’s green, brown, gold, orange, pink, purple, blue, glitter, and more! On the other hand, there are three places which sell games for electronical devices. One is the wide and open shop nearby Popular, while there’s another stall near the sushi stall. Lastly, there’s a small store stashed away around the area near the Arab stall and the handphone repairs on the Ground Floor. The first shop has okay prices, reasonable and normal, the choices are okayy, but they dont supply the latest, just a few popular choices. The second floor is okay at first glance, but I don’t really like they’re choice of games. More of racing and killing I guess, but I never bothered to ask the price. Finally, the last store supplies the latest games and even games that I didn’t even know were out, and games I thought were gone for good. lol. This stall supplies games that are hard to find in a other shops, stalls and stores. The prices? A little higher than usual, but still okay. After all, no one else has them yet. By the Way, SPCA may be having it’s annual Jumble Sale soon so be there early, or you’ll won’t get the best out of it. For me, the first place to hit is the books section, I’m gonna pick up comics and famous authors first. These always go fast by the way, and they’re dirt cheap. Then head over to the trinkets, jewellery, accesories area. They go fast too, but watch out, these trinkets are tricky. I usually buy something that looks a little dull or rusted or something, then restore it. It then looks good as new. I found a mirror there once, The cover was gorgeous and beautifully artistic in bronze, but the mirror inside had a few cracks on the side. I bought it at RM 2 and replaced the mirror inside easily. It is now so beatiful that I couldn’t bear to part with it. Another time, I found an old rusted brass buckle that just looked clumpy. But I bought is as it only cost RM1. Guess what I found after removing the rust? A beautifully carved brass sun. After polishing it, it simply shone. It is so amazing what one can do to transform items. So if anyone can point me towards some flea markets, jumble sales or junk stores, I would be really grateful. After all, it is always fun to experiment!


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