Yesterday were the Talentime auditions… This new girl in International performed this traditional song and dance. Her voice is really strong and melodious. I would kill for a voice as powerful as her’s. Anywas, the chinese students from Form 4 are really beginning to shine. The dance performance produced by Queer@ ish was completely amazing. Classical/hip hop, that’s a combination to be reckoned with. The other performances were pretty good, but I still can’t believe that Naz, Hazrule’s and Vik’s CD just broke like that. Tough luck guys! Anyways, Sufiz and I went up and did our thing, which was actually cut off barely halfway into the second verse, TOTAL panic. We had no idea if the judges quick decision was good or bad. Even worse? I couldn’t hear myself sing… SOB! I did feel a bit better when the others commented on our singing. LOL, Sufiz was really panicking and he completely refused to be assured that we did a pretty good job. He cracks me up some times.

Anyways, I went to the wet market with my mom today, after she allowed to skip school due to the scant amount of people going to school. Then we went to a bakery supply store where I went crazy searching for pure maple syrup. hehe. Don’t ask, I’ve got big plans for it, when I find it though. ;p Well, I smsed a lot with Kenny this morning since he had nothing to do in school and his school allows handphones. SO NOT FAIR! Then later on I got a few repeated calls from the creepy Kelong guy. yeeukk… I screened those… It’s kinda mean, but I really don’t appreciate being bugged and grossed out. After that, I had a mouth-watering pasta lunch with little kids, it was my sis’s birthday. So after lunch, we went to Galaxy to watch Rob-B-Hood. First time for them, 2nd time for me. The first time I watched it, I was at KLCC with Sufiz and Elaine. Then Sufiz ditched out early with his parents and abandoned me all alone outside the cinema where I waited for Elaine who kept insisting, ” I’m coming now!” By the time she arrived, I was panicking like crazy. ;p Then we went to get snacks and I met a Revivalite with her friends, who just finished a movie. Sadly, I didn’t get to finish the movie the first time through, but I suceeded today! ;p It’s a great movie by the way, I loved it! Despite, Nelson mis-calling me constantly to bug me and Kenneth smsing me to make me jealous about basketball. ;p Oh well… life’s like that. Well, we had mango cake over at my house after the movie, freshly baked by my mom…DELICIOUS! lol. Then everyone went home, and I got bored… and watched Me, U and Dupree. Smsed with Boris a little. Then I started on Bourne Identity for about half and hour before taking a break. Now I’m here, replying Jimi, trying to make me jealous and chatting with a few frenz online. No wonder I can’t concentrate… ;p

Oh well, that’s about all for today. Pretty boring huh? ;p I’ll write about something other than about myself next post. I feel like an egomaniac thinking that people would actually want to know almost everything I did today. hehehe…


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