I’m at school now. Abi is in charge of limelight now and Limelight is getting a really big boost from that. I’ll really miss Sachen though. Anyways, I’m writing an article on Halloween now. I’m also supposed to write an article on the coming visit to the chocolate factory and quotes as well as the paintball trip we had. Whew! I guess, I have something to do now. ;p Well, Talentime auditions were a letdown. Fiz and I didn’t make it. Sob… Then we found out that Cheryl and Leon sang it during Commencements. Whoa! Talk about high expectations. I wish I could sms righ now, I’m alone in the YJC room, no idea where Fiz went… Just writing this while I take a break from writing that Halloween article. I hope it’s good, I think what I’ve found out so far is pretty interesting actually. I LOVE Halloween. I just don’t get to celebrate it. SOB…! Well, my legs are getting better now, the skin is repairing and the bruises are already fading away. Guess I recover quite fast huh? But I’m sure that scrape will leave a really bad scar… Oh well, that’s Lex. Clumsy as usual. ;p I’ll continue later, got to continue writing my article, it’s really cool. ;p I’ll post it later… BYE!


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