lol… It seems that some of you read my old posts and thought something was wrong. I’m SOO touched, but don’t worry people. I’m still surviving, like I said, most of these things are old stuff I dug up from my old saved files. ;p So, nothing’s wrong for me at the moment, at least, I hope so. hehehe…

I just got back from Great Eastern Mall anyways, it started raining on the way and it’s really pouring down at the moment. Some of you might not know this, but I love the rain. It’s just beautiful the way the water drops, with nothing in its way, exploding when it hits the city pavement or dusty streets. It stirs up dust when it begins, making it seem as if smoke and steam were arising from the depths of the earth… Rhythmic yet unpredictable, rain is nature’s form of music in it’s purest form… It’s life…

Now I just received some sad news from my mom about half and hour ago. My dad won’t let me go to the prom this year, he thinks that the prom is a waste of money and if I really want to go, I should only have that experience when I’m Form 5. My mom was okay with it at first, she even got together with her girl friends to think up something for me to wear. Obviously, that’s because prom attire= dress, and I’m not much of a dress girl… Well, guess I gotta wait for another 2 years. Sob, sob. By the way, I’m sorry to those who asked me to be their date, maybe another time…

Right now, I’m feeling really lonely and bored… no one’s replying my messages, dunno why… sob… and for once, I feel something else, I can’t describe it with all the words in the world and I really like feeling this way, but it I feel so vulnerable some times… Oh well, c’est la vie…


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