Shinhwa iz diz realli cool Korean group, so go check it out people!

The SPCA jumble sale was only yesterday, and I went and bought an entire large box of books for RM 230. OMG! The books are pretty good and considering one book probably costs RM10 minimum, RM 230 for an entire box of books ain’t bad! I volunteered at SPCA once with some friends, lol, they did it for their moral projects, I did it for fun. It lived up to its standard, sign me up for the next round people! Anyways, some SPCA-ians are coming to Cempaka to give a little talk about cruelty to animals. I can’t wait.

Today, Form 3 got a chance to check out the Beryl’s chocolate factory. The speaker turned out to be an ex- Cempakan, and an ex-Cempakan Teacher. Whoa! He was really friendly, cracked a few jokes and brought us on a short tour around the place. The highlight of the whole trip however was the chocolate shop at the end of the tour and the 5% discount as well as sales when you buy in bulk. I bought tons of choccies for everyone, so don’t worry, there’ll be enough for everyone. ;p Though, Deba, Sean and Taka pretty much gobbled up most of my Butter Crunch Almong chocolate. Sob. Btw, Hazelnut Truffle is delish! hehe…

Well, I was pretty much in a dead mood today. I was really quiet and just kept reading and reading and doing sodoku… don’t ask. hehehe, anyways, Quiz is coming up and this year, I was nominated captain… Don’t know if it’s a good thing or not, but I’ll try my best not to let Harimau down! ;p Go Harimau! Well, the sad part is I don’t get to join debate, but I already joined last year anyways, so I guess I can always do it again next year! ;p

I think that’s enough for today, Zaheera jsut smsed about this young reporters workshop, She’s got me interested so I’ll go hunting for the details! hehe… Kenneth was als bugging me just now, ;p so I returned the favour and bugged him into checking out my blog. He’s probably reading this now as well. hehe… Also chatted with Liz just now, long time never saw her… Boris, bz as usual… Para, just before I left… hmm… Jian, confirmin basketball at UKRC diz Wednesday… Lol.. Anyone can join us btw, so just come over to UKRC diz Wednesday evening for some basketball! lol… ciao, readers!


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