I Lurv Surveys!!! Just in case you didn’t know… =P

If you take a look at my Friendster Bulletin Board, you would notice notice that recently, I’ve been doing tons of surveys and posts… Wonder why? Well, what else is there to do in school then? =P I rather go to library of course… or baskeball… But it’s raining, and I really don’t wanna risk getting a lecture from a library scout on why I turned down being a librarian… Hmm… O well, let’s do another one! =P

The First Survey…

1 letter from your name.
~ L (not real, of course.)

1 thing that you are thinking.
~ What to write now?

1 place you would like to be now.
~ At home with friends…

1 thing that is infront of you.
~ This Question.

1 name that is in your mind.
~ … Lex? ;p

1 thing that makes you go mad.
~ Parents telling me to stop something they said I can do after one of their friends say I am unladylike or something…

1 thing that made your day today.
~ Making a new friend…

1 thing that made you mad today.
~ I didn’t get mad…

1 thing that attracts you.
~ A friendly sense of humour.

1 thing that makes you sad.
~ Being told that you’re useless… being looked at like you’re something disgusting and rovolting.

1 person you wish to see.
~ Him… who else? ;p

1 song that you just heard.
~ Nickleback– Far Away.

1 movie that you had seen lately.
~ The Covenent (Only a bit though, like a few minutes… >.<)

1 guy/girl that attracts you lately.
~ Personal information…

1 person you last seen.
~ The entire class from Form 3 that came to skewl today… all 9 of them… LOL

1 person that you cant forget abt.
~ My old best friend… 2 of them… We lost touch whenever they left Malaysia…

1 style of your favorite.
~ hip-hop.

1 food that you love to eat.
~ Italian, japanese then chinese.

1 gift that you want to give to somebody.
~ chocs! =P

1 number from your hp no.
~ 0, hehe

1 thing that you cant forget abt last yr.
~ Learning I could actually dance! XD

1 thing about last night.
~ smsing and making plans for the holz. =)

Isn’t it obvious how fun diz iz? ;p


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