I duno what to write… so I’m just going to start off with a sentence and see where it takes me. It’s just a trial of something I have my mind on… So don’t dis me k 😛

I’m so scared now… I don’t know why I did and what I was thinking, there was nothing in what I did… Just plain stupidity… Now I have to take care… to guard this secret close… That no one else would now. I have to put an end to this. I would do anything to go back and stop it. It was… empty, meaningless… nothin… Just a lot of rubbish… I’m so lucky I chickened out from writing it down… If I had published it… omg… Maybe I shouldn’t publish this… Maybe I should keep it away… far from the prying eyes of the people of this world. They mean nothing to me. Nothing! Pain, misunderstanding… nothin…For once in my life, I would want to do what I want, without other people pointing at me and telling me that I am not acting the way they want me to… I just wish… that they would let me be myself, accept me as who I am… I hate being used by other people, being used to their fufill what they want. Just once, I would like to have time for myself, where I can do what I wish and not feel guilty that I forgot to do something so and so asked me to help them with… I wish I could have time to do things I enjoy… To pursue my passion… to learn…

uhrmm… ookayyy… Not what I expected… but… LOL. Hmm… I’m jsut writing wutever comes to mind, so maybe the title should be… A Glimpse Through The Window of Madness! >.< =p


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