Omg… I’m soo bored now. I just watched 3 episodes of the Death Note anime, and I’m still waiting for the 4th one to load. So impatient now! Anyways, I an’s here, reading The Curse, a book I got that was written by Nightmare… Then Ka Chuan, Hazi and Nick were in here just now for a moment. to pick up pillows and bash each other up… ;p Any doubts why I lurv diz skewl? =p Well, I’m hoping to go to UKRC later though I think the coach would most prob get me completely tired by then… haiizz… Anyways, If anyone is interested. I foun a real kewl website called , it’s a great site to have fn. Go check it out people!

Btw, the sports shop in Great Eastern Mall has already dropped their sale, but LA Gear’s sale should still be goingon. RM 49 for camo canvases? I suggest you give it a try. After all, I got my pair of lime’s there. =P K, g2g… Sum1’s getting annoyed at me cause I won’t leave the comp >.< Blekzz!!! I’m not mean btw!


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