Monday was fun, but now I wish I didn’t spend my after school hours blogging!!! *regret, regret* Hehe… Because I only left the YJC room at about 3.20p.m. I only got to spend like a few minutes hanging out with an old primary skewl friend!!! Andy!!! ;P Well, he came with the Taman Desa basketball team, where I saw Eu Sam also, but he ignored me *hmphh*, to play against Cempaka boyz team… I heard there was a conflict between the Taman Desa players and the coach *gasp*… I guess the coach can be a bit brash some times *yeah* … But still *sigh*… Well, the Taman Desa players were really not sastified with the outcome of the match *who wouldn’t?*. So I guess, being Cempakans, we should try to arrange a rematch so that the players can compete fairly … Anyone interested in refreeing? *volunteers?* ;p So I guess I could arrange everything, if both sides wish to compete once more… hmm…

I’m actually alone in the YJC room again *So anti-social*… the rest have left for the Dominoes Pizza field trip. But I’ve already went with the home schoolers some time last year I think… and I’m not really that interested actually *yawn* …. =P So, I’ll guess I’ll write about the new book I started! *Oh joy…* ;p I finished Ritual some time yesterday after school, and by the grace of God everything worked out, or did it? *immediate supense* Hehe… Get ready for the twist, people! Muahahaha… I started reading He Died With A Felafel In His Hand by John Birmingham. It’s a really hilarious book about the author, JB, who has shared flats, apartments and such with 89 people. He kept notes on how they lived, what they did and all… Get ready for a culture shock Malaysians! I haven’t seen this book in Malaysia before, I think I know why… Hehehe… I found it at the SPCa jumble sale, and the tag says it’s from DYMOCKS Booksellers. Hmm… probably overseas… Be warned though, you WILL be shocked by the antics of these different flatmates!

k, I better write another post soon… I’m dying of boredom here… ;p


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