Quiz today people!!! Guess what the final standings are?

1. Seladang
2. Helang
3. Harimau
4. Beruang

Jian meng, Ee Zeen and I went and finished the 3rd sudoku puzzle. Yay! Oh well, it was kinda tough this year. Hmm… Then I went to the YJC and blogged and surfed online. Then Ardi came in, and bugged me to put his name in my blog. Yeap, he’s rite next to me reading this post rite now. Hehe… He’s clapping his hands for fun and he has blue lips and tongue. LOL. He wants y’all to kiss him. =.=” Yeah…

Ardi:” Hug me. I’m hawt shyt! Yay! hahahahahahahahaha… I am SOOO perasan rite now. muax, muax. let’s see… *thinking* Grey’s Anatomy rox! I answered the last bonus question in the Helang Vs. Seladang thingy. I’m so kewl rite now! hehe…”

Yeah, datz all from Ardi for now… Lol. The rest of the YJC crew is mostly here. We’re working on the yearbook thing and the only non-YJC would be no other than? Ardi!!! yayyyy! 😛 Uhmm.. Yeah, dat was Ardi again. K, gotta go. Kok Keong wanna use now. Lol.


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