I’m bored… today was of course, the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! WAWA people! Hehe… When I got to school, I was AMAZED at the amount of people who came. I mean, wow, usually, no one turns up. Hehe… So the first thing I did was go through the motions with morning assembly, minus the Prefect checking though. Then the Form 3’s kinda seperated into 2 classes, so I went to the noisier class of course! XD

First on the agenda was a few games of UNO, everyone was ganging up on Adrian. Poor kid, and I do mean KID. =p Then we played Monopoly, which me and Hong Xiong pretty much monopolized while Adrian had to suffer from bankruptcy. LOL. He still owes me 850$ anywayz. ;p I could’ve won!!! But then we had special assembly… Sob…

Assembly was more of a farewell to all national students, and prize-givings for sports and art competitions. There was also this big-shot from Arizona who came to visit the school and he also extended an invitation to visit him in America any time so he could give us a tour of the country. =D Well, Arizina is kinda where Laiken stays… It’s been a looong time since I talked/chatted with him. Last I heard, he was by the lake in Washington. =p Lucky Guy…

Well, after assembly, we had break. Form 3 got lucky and got permission to enjoy a 1 hour long break at the canteen to have our class party. ;p My mum made spaghetti to bring to school. Hehe… But Jack brought it in late. =( Oh well… c’est la vie. After that, the new editor in chief a.k.a Abi =p called me to the YJC room to write an article on Talentime. Needless to say, I just took the post in my blog and edited it to make it an interesting report for the Yearbook. This would be the first time students (YJC members) will be involved in the actual production of all content in the Yearbook. Hehe… I feel so perasan now. ;p

Speaking of perasan, I was chatting to a bunch of people at night. Guess who I saw go online with a blur potrait pic and all? Niraj!!! a.k.a Hairy Monkey!!!! LOL. The day before he asked me to go blog about the three “interesting” Damansarans!!! Lol, and mention that he is HOT! ;p

Anyways, this posts has been in edit for god knows how long. LOL. Better post now. I’ll blog bout the hairy monkey later! ;p


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