K, I’ll get down to writing about the Thailand trip pretty soon… But I gotta get to ISCA in awhile so I just have time to deal with the fact that I’ve been TAGGED! by Melalyn!!! Evil!!! Hehe… Revenge, revenge!

Four Sides To A Thing

Four things many don’t know:
– I hate clowns. Velli geli!
– I had 4 nicknames before this. ;p
– I’ve only faked sickness to get out of school ONCE.
– The name Lex is taken from a series of Animorph fanfiction, the character Lex is a mulpitle personality. =P

Four movies I can watch over and over:
– Spirited Away
– Initial D
– The Cat Returns
– Howl’s Moving Castle

Four places I have lived:
– My grandparents house (Bukit Jobina)
– Current house (Ulu Kelang)
– My mother’s womb
– uhmm… seriously? No other changes. Hehe…

Four TV shows I love:
– The Nanny
– Lost
– Monk

Four places I have been on vacation:
– Phuket
– U.S.
– Lang Tengah
– Melaka

Four of my favourite foods:
– Dark chocolate muffin with Earl Grey Ice Cream. (Cilantro’s)
– Sushi
– Pizza!

Four places I’d rather be:
– Cairo
– Lang Tengah
– California
– Paris

Currently listening to songs:
– Ba, Wo Hui Lai Le by Jay Chou. =P
– Rainy Days by Mary J. Blidge ft. Ja Rule
– I Like That (Stop) by Jae Millz
– Bo from Take The Lead soundtrack

Four other people who will be tagged:
– FiZ!
– StePh!
– MeGAn!
– BoRiZ!

Lol, Have fun people! =P I’ll be back in here real soon!


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