2 days down to ISCA camp, I challenged Sirn Loong to a basketball match, hehe… Loser buys dinner!! =P

Okay, the most interesting that happened to me yesterday was not that I met some old and new friends working at a stall, nor was it that my auntie, the super thin, gives me full choice of her wardrobe auntie, had just moved to Mount Kiara, which is a super $$$ neighbourhood btw. I’m so envious of her! =P But, that wasn’t the most interesting thing I actually met up with actually… Wanna know what was the cool thing that happened??? =P Get ready for it… hehe…

I was in the car, my sis’s arguing as usual, my mum and dad ignoring us and trying to get clear directions to my aunt’s new apartment. As usual, I stared out the window, listening to Fly.fm and being blar. Then I heard the deejay announce that song requests could be sent by SMS. Well, since I finally had a handphone, I decided to try it out. After all, I had nothing better to do. So I requested a song. Then I got an SMS saying I had to register. I registered as Lex and requested for Justin Timberlake, Cry Me A River. Guess what? Datz when the car pulled up at this swanky apartment I had to leave the car. Figures.

Well, there I was, cursing my bad luck until I reached the living room and drowned my sorrows in my cousin’s XBox 360, that’s when I got a call. =P I picked up and was really, really blur when this guy announced “Hey, Lex? We played your song request, this is Ben from Fly.fm and you’ve just won a spanking, new CD!!! Woohoo!!”

Blur me couldn’t believe it and suddenly it all snapped, whoa, I won something on the radio, and I didn’t even know how I did it. Well, I found out later that Fly.fm, has this Must Have Music Request thing where people request the songs they wanna hear and everyday, someone picks up a new CD, by chance! Whoo! Lucky me. =P Well, I answered a few questions, did a shoutout to all the Cempakans. =P introed Evanescense, Call Me When You’re Sober and Fly.fm, It’s All About The Music! =P After the whole recording thing, they asked if they could use my voice for radio some more, cause I sounded like a pro. OOH, so proud!!! Hahaha… well, I said yeah, no prob and they hung up pretty much after that. I didn’t take it seriously then… and I thought that was it. The End.

Well, today started off well, guess what? Ben called me again, to chat! Hahaha… They changed me name to Jamie, and they used me once again, to chat about Paris Hilton and I got to request another song of my choice, which turned out to be their choice… But I loved Greenday anyways! Lol. It was a really fun experience. =P Now I wonder if it’ll come up again? hehe…

Well, that’s pretty much the interesting stuff I did today, unless you count catching Gong Fu in a Santa costume at assembly in school! =P

Well, I better leave a note about this superkewl group from Klang, KLG SQWAD !!! They’re sizzlin and hot off the rack, Owwhh! they totally got rad music, so note to all readers, CHECK THEM OUT!!! I’ll be putting up a link to their blog on my Linkage so that everyone can be posted on all future events, gigs, albums and all such. In fact, you could totally live off their samples of music for now while you wait for their album! It’s THAT HOT people!



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