Hmm… I think something’s wrong with my handphone cause people aren’t getting my sms’es! Ouch! That’s really sad… Oh well, I better get on with my work, only 3 more books to go!!! Woohoo! =P Tomorrow’s ISCA camp of course, I simply can’t wait! Hehe…

10 reasons I CANNOT wait for ISCA camp 2006:

1. Can spend more time with FRIENDS!!!

2. Can beat Sirn Loong at basketball and get FREE dinner. ;P (O so confident. =P)

3. Can show off my basketball skillz. (Duhh… hehehe…)

4. Can finally try Flying Fox again. (Last time I did dat was when I was at some Rotaract Club, 1996. Forgot liao. >.<)

5. Can live 4D3N with my brothers and sisters in Christ! (Yeap, Keep our passion burning together! =D)

6. Can take a break from the drives-me-completely-off-the-road family. (I love them… But I CAN’T WAIT to get way from them!!!)

7. Late nights, early morning. (I like this somehow. =P)

8. Can make new friends! (Hopefully. =P I’m still velli blur blur when it comes to people in ISCA. Hehe…

9. It gets me outdoors! I’m usually kinda cooped up at home, so when I do get a chance to go out. I GO WILD!

10. It’s less than 24 hrs away… O, the agony! >.<

K, back to work. I’ll be back real soon. Duhh , I update so often… >.< Hehe… =P


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