Woohoo! I’m back from ISCA Camp and you know what??? This was BY FAR the BEST camp I’ve been too! Ohh Yeahh! I fell so supercharged and hyper and ready to go! Woot! oxr! =P This year’s ISCA camp was at an NS Campsite in Pahang, and that place was fantastic! But I don’t think it was a bed of roses for everyone else… =P Letz take a look see… Hehe…

Majority of the campers POV? =P
This place is filthy! There’s crap on the beds! There’s no hot water!? We have a strict curfew because of wild animals!? The weather is terrible! Hot in the afternoon and freezing cold at night and in the morning??? Omg. We have to wash our own dishes!? Lol. The Obstacle Course is disgusting! We have to crawl through mud!!! Jungle trekking was so muddy and dangerous! What is wrong with this place??? I hate waking up so early, I’m exhausted!!!

I liked the speaker, Carl Butler!=P The food not badlarr… Sports facilities not bad also! Eh, got friends!! What else do I need? ;P The presence of God was really powerful this time.

Lex’s POV? =P
I found crap on my Bible… >.rat, and the phone and Bible was right next to me… =S Yikes. Very hard to shower in the morning. Sob. I sweat a little too much in the hot weather. Night time is velli, velli the cold. =P

I feel so alive and hyper here!! I’m free to be myself without having to pretend to be all this and that!!! I can actually play basketball with guys without feeling guilty for making my parents embarrased!!! God spoke to me and he touched me!!! I Love Him! =D I made a ton of new friends!! Hehe… I got to play basketball for more than 5 hours non stop without having anyone nagging me and stuff… =P I feel like I have tons of energy and I could just keep going on and on! I can’t never do stuff like this back in KL when I’m cooped up at home! It feels great to be able to listen to music loud on my CD player, stay up late and wake up early without my parents nagging me to stop it… I feels wonderful to wake up, stay in bed in peace while I pen down my thoughts and prayers during quiet time without my sisters pestering me until I feel awake enough to get up, wash up then jog or run all the way to the Hall in the fresh air… Most of all, I love gettin to know people more and more… =D

The wonderful scenery was breath-takingWater Lillies blooming in the early morning… Wild flowers gathered in bunches here and there…. Birds swooping in beautiful, coordinated patterns across the surface of a still pond… Swirling mist, gathered around mountain tops, skimming the surface of the blue sky and hiding the tips of the mountains from sight… Stars clustered in the sky, shining down on the dark path with gentle hope… Inspiring sunsets that last only a few precious moments before time slips away and the light disappears to give way to the night… The quiet stillness which is brought like a veil over the hills as the moon bring the stars out to twinkle ever so mischeviously over us as we dream uninterrupted dreams… It is truly, nature at its best… and I could kick myself for not bringing a camera… >.<

Most of all, I loved the presence of God, which surrounded the place… putting God’s veil of righteousness over us that we were able to lift out heads and hands to God to receive is blessing and gifts… to glorify him without shame… I felt set free… I felt so confident… I felt like God was right there holding me, telling me that I’m safe with him… I lost my shame that all my wrong actions had made me unfit to stand before Jesus… But he loved me, he LOVES me! He has already given his life for me… What else could he not give me? =)

I serve a Living God, and I truly do Love him… I was afraid to at first… I thought he would reject me, that I would not be accepted… But he always did… God was just like the speaker, Carl Butler said, he had always been there, asking me to go to him, but I held back… But now I’ve come back to him, I realised that God was given me time to discover talents I never even knew I had!! He has truly blessed me, and I will serve him willingly with those gifts…

My vision, my goal, is to become a voice, a voice that will be heard, a voice for others, a voice that will change the world, that will make a difference. I want to stand up for God, I want to tell the world what is happening all around us, I want to speak up for myself and others, and dare to announce what I know is right. Jesus is truly a Living God, and he is my Father, he is the Father of my brothers and sisters in Christ, and He Loves Me. This I know for sure, because my Bible told me so… =P

One little thing I like to tell all of you… The presence of God was there, and He blessed us, and many were saved and revived. The last meeting was simply amazing, when all across the place, people, even unbelievers, were all slain on the spot and everyone worshipped the Lord… it was amazing… Here’s what’s amazing, the total collection of offering given to the Lord as thanks topped every single ISCA camp we’ve had… A total of RM2006 from 187 teenagers!!! Praise the Lord! This shows, I wasn’t the only one who was touched my God. =P

Here’s my little secret, I cried 6 times when I was touched by the presence of the Lord, during the meetings… No one saw it… But I felt God there…


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