Here’s My Test Results from TrueMatch… =P

Mr. Right – His Personality

What are you really looking for?
Your ideal match is flexible, innovative and smart. He’s got a robust love of life and a killer instinct. Chances are he hates rules, and doesn’t plan on getting old. He’s unusually friendly and has a way of earning people’s respect wherever he goes.

Is he a rare breed?
Approximately 7% of men have that exact personality type. Another 19% are similar to the type you’re looking for.

What makes him different from other men?
It’s that your ideal man prefers to be modest and tends to be laidback when when others might panic about all that needs to get done.

Who’s your competition?
About 5% of women your age are after the exact type of man you are. And 7% of men have that personality type.As you can see, your ideal man is in low demand.

What’s so compelling about him?
Women are most attracted to the extent to which your ideal man is easy-going.

Uhmm… Yesh, I made a few mistakes on the post cause I was in a rush, it’s fixed now though. =P


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