Here’s Some Food For Thought…

I’ve been pretty busy for the past few days, because of rehearsals, so I haven’t had much time to actually blog! =P Well, rehearsals were really fun, and I enjoyed every moment of it… Last night however, was GREAT!!! It was the first public performance of Word on The Street! Ohhh Yeahhh! =P We Rocked! ;P

To tell the truth I was pretty much relaxed yesterday… The whole family went out to eat at this fancy Italian restaurant called Modesto’s, which was at the core of the city, complete with Bars and Dance Clubs for entertainment! This is actually the original restaurant from which the branches grew… =P It’s actually a new concept dining, and I think it’s pretty good! =) Inside, the deco was fab! It was practically fine dining for nightlife. =P Outside, it was the perfect chill-out and hang out place after a hard night of dancing! Woot! ;P There’s Bar Ibiza and Bar UNO1

Well, we went there for lunch. Trust me, the place is awesome! My course consisted of:

Lex’s Main Course
Home made ravioli, filled with Truffle mushrooms from Piemonte Region and parmiggiano reggiano, topped with dedicated spinach sauce

2 Pizzas (Shared by the whole family)
Tomatoes, mozzarella cheese mushroom and tuna

Tomatoes, mozzarella, turkey ham , onion and pineapple

Lex’s Drink
Watermelon Juice

Lex’s Wanted Dessert (Which I didn’t get… Sob… Too Full…)
Sinful chocolate brownies with vanilla ice-cream

Let’s just say, I LOVE Italian food, so when I ate the Ravioli here, I went to Seventh Heaven. LOL. I tried Ravioli in Thailand before and I didn’t really enjoy it… But here, the Ravioli paired with delicious truffles and warm spinach sauce was extremely delicious, sastifying and filling! =P It looked a little off-putting at first when it came, because the Ravioli was smothered in the Milky Green spinach sauce. ;P But it tasted SOO GOOD! >.truffles in pizza! =P Hehe… Yes, it was THAT good. my mom thought otherwise though… she prefers Chinese Wanton… Me, being Lex, simply ADORES Italian food however! =P

Ovenbaked layered pasta with meat and cream fillings

My sis’s had the Lasagne, and judging from the way they scraped the plate clean… it must be pretty good. After all, we’re talkin about the same bunch of sisters who usually never eat a FULL meal during lunch. =P Well, it’s pretty much Lasagne… I don’t know how to make it seem exotic and stuff, but I can see how good it looked, plus my sis’s REFUSED to share!!! >.<

There was only one disappointment in the entire course, THE DRINKS. >.RM 11+ >.< and trust me, I expected PURE watermelon juice… But the drinks were really watered down… =.=” It just wasn’t right… Next time, I’m ordering Evian or Perrier… it’s not worth paying SO much for mamak stall drinks… x.x

The dessert I wanted, but never got seemed delicious enough… But trust me, Cilantros is definitely the best I have been too, it’s still top on my list, but since I need to budget well… Modesto’s would be counted the second for fine Italian cuisine! =P

Visit here for more details:


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