Here are the current Christmas presents I received from people before the actual Christmas hour =P

Current Christmas Gifts

1. Gold and Silver Rings necklace (Boriz)

2. Silver Butterfly Bracelet (Auntie Irene)

3. Beryl’s Chocolate ( Big Hair John!)

4. Nightmare Before Christmas pencilcase (Mum)

5. Candy Cane (Auntie Iris)

6. Blue Bead Necklace ( Auntie Katy)

7. Candy Cane ( Amelia Lee)

8. Key Necklace ( Steffi)

9. Clothes Hanger ( Ian and Vivian)

Don’t ask, I don’t understand the last gift either! Hehe… It’s useful though!!! =P Thanks guys!!!

Thanks to all these wonderful people on my list! =P I’ll update the list somehow… =P Wonder what number 10 will be… ;P


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