Owh… >.<

Last night, I asked someone a question… obviously I didn’t get an answer and to top it off, I think I hurt him… and I felt so guilty because I set off the whole thing… If you’re reading this, I just want you to know that I don’t care what other people think about you and that nobody’s perfect… I just wish you would have the confidence to trust me… and I’m sorry if I did anything wrong okay? =/

Emo stuff aside, I need to make a correction to the Christmas Gift List… Aunt Irene actually gave me multi-coloured bead necklace with a shell pendent with sequins on it… It’s really nice and I like to thank her very much for it! =D Also, my sis gave me her beanie!!! =P I like it!!! ;P Thanks Juan! =D

Okay… I was just checking out some stuff on MSN just now, and… I found an interesting bit of wisdom…

Advice from the iVillage boards: “Our feelings may not be entirely in our control, but our responses are our choice. You have to choose to be happy, choose to be the bigger person, choose not to let someone impact your life in a negative way.”

This is really great advice, and I’m really gonna use it… =P I hope you guyz get something out of it too! =P

Before I sign off, I think that you guys would want to check out this article I found.
What Matters Most? Top Ten from iVillage.

Okay, gotta rush to my Grandparents house now, ciao!!!

=P Merry Christmas to all you readers!!!


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