First day at school!! I got into Form 4 Science 1!!!

It wasn’t as bad as I thought, insto facto, it was great!!! =P

The teachers are really cool and I’m looking forward to working with them on my grades. ;P The subjects in Science class are really interesting and I don’t care how hard they are to learn because if I’m interested in learning more then there’s nothing else to stop me =P Once my mind is set, it’s hard to budge. Hehe… XP

Well, I met a few new people, met some new teachers… I only met a few teachers so far, for the moment… There’s Pn. Fauziah, Ms. Tsai, Ms. Ng, Mr. VeeJay and Mr. Alphonsus!!! =P Yeap, my favourite Mr. Cool is teaching English at Science 1!!! Woohoo!! ;P

Pn. Fauziah teaches us B.M. and I have to admit she is pretty good though I did give her a hard time two years ago… >.< But don’t worry cause I really wanna improve my worst subject this year =P

Ms. Tsai seems pretty quiet but I had no trouble understanding her Add. Maths explanations =P However, I better look through some of last years formulae before setting foot in her class =P

Ms. Ng is a pretty cool teacher as well, she’s C-O-O-L, friendly and I can see how enthusiastic she is about Biology =D If a teachers wants to teach, then I’m ready to learn… I’m looking forward to Biology, it seems a lot more interesting then the other Science subjects already =P

Mr. VeeJay kept the whole class awake during his Modern Maths class and the subject is quite easy to grasp as well… If the first class was jsut a dose of what we’re going to experience through out the year, then I don’t grappling with the homework as long as I get the daily dose of laughs =P

Mr. Alphonsus? Well, the 25 is already up in print for me to see… My hair falls out when I do his work, good proof that my brain is working overtime =P Not. Hehe… After all, On a busy road no grass grows… On a busy mind, no hair grows… ;P His words of wisdom are pretty much remembered by me whenever a situation arises in which I sorely need advice… He is no doubt the best the teacher I’ve had! =) Rock on, Mr A!!!

I can’t wait to meet the rest of the teachers =D Well, I better go practise my piano and do my homework, I’ve spent enough time blogging… =P I can’t wait for tomorow, our first house meeting of the year is after lunch and I can’t wait to see the new talents of Rumah Harimau!!!

After all, we must ensure the future Tigers keep the victory constant right? I mean, since it’s so obvious who’s gonna win the House Cup this year? =p March Past watch out, Tigers on the prowl! =D


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