I’m obviously thrilled about the first house meeting. =P

Though I did embarass myself a bit. >.< Hehe…

First of all, I was elected to be the Assist. Lady Captain for Harimau!!! I was shocked actually =P Three people were nominated, Sher Min, Alsie and I… Alsie went first, and almost the entire right side of the quadrant put up their hands, I was like, whoa, Alsie’s in for sure. Then Sher Min went and though she didn’t get many votes, maybe cause not many people know her, it was pretty good. =) Then I went up and suddenly, practically all over the place there were hands raised… I was kinda suprised and I felt so happy that they think I could be their Assistant Lady Captain. =D

I’m gonna work hard at stuff this year, no more slacking for me… It’s time I got things in place and my life on track.

My second post was as March Past Captain again, and I can’t wait to get everyone geared up for one of our biggest events. After all, we won last year right? =P Don’t worry I won’t be THAT much of a slave driver this year =P Most important is that everyone gets to do something for their house and also to HAVE FUN! =D I also promised someone that I try out Tennis again this year, =P you never know right? Hehe… That’s only for house of course =P

After the house meetings, there was a round of house cheers which we didn’t really have time to prepare… There was also a confusion when someone went around trying to tell everyone else to cheer. It was really chun of her to do it, but she kinda also distracted everyone so when the House Captains yelled for us, no one cheered… It was really sad… Then everyone was confused, then the guys were like, “Lex, just do it!” SOO… I just stood up and yelled: “Come on Harimau’s!!” Then I kinda lead the Harimau is HotToGo cheer… After 3 rounds, my face was flaming red, and I quickly stood down… OMG, I can’t believe I did that… >..> and then they were clapping and I was sinking into my seat wishing I wasn’t so stupid…

You know… I wanna be like some people who are like super-confident in everything they do… They don’t care what other people say or think and they just do what they wanna do… I wish I could be like that… So when I stood up, I was just flaming… just ready to do it… But halfway through, it was as if I had just woke up and was slapping myself, What is wrong with you girl?? You trying to make a fool of yourself on your second day of school?! >.< I don’t regret doing it… it’s one of those moments when I feel free… to just DO IT….

Well, the school team signings started today… I signed up for basketball… DUHhhh… Hehehe… and and I also signed up for bowling. Yeap… Bowling… Even though, I hardly play =P and I kinda suck at it XP Hehe… I went when I was Form 1 with Zaheera… It was fun ;P Hahaha… I remember dropping the ball behind me =P Talk about releasing tension… I’m going to try something new this year, maybe squash, badminton, table tennis, handball, volleyball, ultimate… Who knows? XD Might as well learn a few new stuff =P Hehe…

Well, I better go do my homework now… Just a little note… My hp is kept away for a month till I settle down in school… ='( I’l get it back soon… for now, if anyone wants to contact me, just call me at home or sms my mum’s phone… Don’t have those numbers? Just TALK to me… or e-mail, or letter…

Just don’t send me love-letters >.< Wait, they’re fine actually, for Valentine’s Day =P Coming soon… Hehe… ;P Remember the roses and chocs the Interact Club will be delivering too!!! ;P K, ciaoz readers… Add Maths awaits me!!! =D


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