Edufair was held last weekend at the KLCC Convention Centre and it totally rocked!!! =P Well… I’m exaggerating a little… ;P But it was pretty fun. Hehe… I went with Darius, Sabrina, Steffi, Boriz, Justin, and Jimi =D We headed to Yong Tau Foo for lunch after church at Flamingo Hotel before Jimi and I hitched a ride in Boriz and Steffi’s car =) Nice car btw… =P We met up with the others after checking out bout half of the booths =P I haven’t gone through my ton of stuff yet >.< Hehe… Been relli, relli busy… *Crap*

Add Maths is getting harder of course, but all I need to do now is to practise more so the formulae and stuff stick in my mind. =P Chemistry seems pretty interestin for now ;P The teacher ain’t so bad, like another Pn. Zainab =p Hehe… Then Biology is still interesting but the hmwk is really getting to me… Most of the other students want to drop it already >.< Physics is boring, but I flipped through the pages, and believe it or not, I’m actually gonna stick it out and learn ;D

English is English =P I can’t wait for my results on the Oxford Placement Test. So far… Grammer Test 1= 97, Grammer Test 2= 95 Yes, I know I dropped >..< Blekz… Btw, for those interested in joining choral speaking this year, the competition is in March and Mr. Alphonsus needs 35 dedicated monkeys =P Interested? ^-^

Anyways, KLG Sqwad got their newset single on It’s callde Amplify and feel free to request it at any time =P Good luck to those guys, they had doors slammed in their faces, but one thing you should do is not to look too longingly upon that door, or you might lose out on another open door… So, good luck again to KLG Sqwad and I hope all you readers give them an extra bit of support =D Support the local music scene!!! ^-^

Also, I hope that you Harimau’s will do good diz year!!! =D We won March Past last year, and if I have a say bout it, we’re gonna win this again! Better than that! We’re gonna win the House Cup!!! Show dat Tiger Spirit now!!! =) Peace out y’all!! =P

I’m mishin!!! ^-^


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