Survey for 2007!!!

This one’s all about what you want outof ’07! So think bout it hard! ;D

1. Will you be looking for a new job
Yeap, I want to find something new this year!!! =)

2. Will you be looking for a new relationship?
No way!!! =P

3. New house?
Maybe =P

4. What will you do different in 07?
I won’t slack off as much this year, I want to be more active before I suffer in SPM year =P I also want to learn to prioritise better… Hehehe…

5. New Years resolution?
To learn more stuff, live life to the fullest, and to try new things!!! =P

6. What will you NOT be doing in 07?
Lazing the year away >.<

7. Any trips planned?
A few… =P

8. Wedding plans?
No way!!!

9. What’s on your calendar?
Pics from skewl? =P

10. What can’t you wait for?
Skewl production, March Past, Games Carnival, Sports Day, the MSSD Basketball Competition, Inter-school Choral Speaking Competition, and as always… Tomorrow!!! =P

11. What would you like to see happen differently?
I don’t think there’s anything to regret… =P I don’t know ;P

12. What about yourself will you be changing?
Nothing much… =P I don’t know, if I change, then I’ll changelarr… ;P

13. What happened in 06 that you didn’t think would ever happen?
A few things… >.< I duno… Bad stuff mostly, not that good…

14. Will you be nicer to the people you care about?

15. Will you dress differently this year than you did in 06?
Maybe a bit… =P I duno, depends on my mood…

16. Will you start or quit drinking?
Neither… ;P

17. Will you better your relationship with your family?
I’ll try >.<

18. Will you do charity work?
Yes!!! A lot =P

19. Will you go to bars?
Nope, I don’t like alcohol

20. Will you be nice to people you don’t know?
Already started =P

21. Do you expect 07 to be a good yearfor you?
Yesh!!! =D

22. How much did you change from this time last year til now?
Quite a lot, I’ve gone through quite a lot of new experiences, good and bad, and some are stuff that I’ll never be able to forget…

23. Do you plan on having a child?
Uhh… i’m 16… NO!!!

24. Will you still be friends with the same people you are friends with now?
Yeap!!! =D

25. Major lifestyle changes?
Like? Lol. Not much really…

26. Will you be moving?
Maybe, but not far, just to a bigger compound…

27. What will you make sure doesn’t happen in 07 that happened in 06?
A few things, they’re kinda sensitive and it’s personal, so I’ll keep it to myself…

28. What were your New Years Eve plans?
I was supposed to go to a few parties that my frenz invited me to, then was invited to Genting, then was invited to The Curve, and finally a NY’s party at UKRC… So, there were quite a few reason why I didn’t go to the others, mostly, cause of transport or because of my parents >.< So, I ended up at UKRC =P

29. Will you have someone to kiss at midnight?
Nope ='(

30. One wish for 07?
That I’ll enjoy it =)


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