Auditions for Wicked are tomorrow!!! Hyperness!!! Ahhh!!! I only chose one song… Ahhh… I’m freaking out!!! Guess how ironic the song is? It’s called Still. >…

I hope it helps! =P It did quite well for me!!! =D

Anyways, I had quite an interesting weekend =P Saturday morning, I was jerked awake when my sis ran into the room screming, “Jie! Your friends ask whether can take your basketball!” Obviously, this has happened before, so I quickly, changed, washed up and ran down to where Nicholas, JR, Shawn and Edwin were waiting in Nick’s sis’s MYVi… Then we all went to UKRC to play basketball =P

After that, they came over for pizza and soda =P Then there was ISCA cell at my place. Everyone loved the pizza btw =P Homemade!!! =D Then after everyone left, my mum’s old friends from Australia came over to stay for 3D2N at my place =P

There was Uncle Chris, he’s the Aussie husband and he’s super smart! =P Then there was Auntie Yati, his wife, she’s Malay and she’s really sweet! =) My mum and her used to work together at Great Eastern, back in the old days >..< Hehe… Finally there’s Hannah, OMG, she’s CUTE! =P I took a few pics, I’ll post them sometime when the connection is safe =P

Oops, time for skewl, ciao readers! Byeee!!!


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