School news!!!

Inter-campus debate competition started today, Round one goes to… *drum roll* Cempaka, Damansara!!! Congratz guys! =P

The title? We should send criminals to prison instead of wasting money on rehabillitation. >..<

Anyways, Round 2 is at the Damansaran campus next Monday, and I’ve been chosen as the school campus reporter for Cheras to cover the event. =P Yay! Hehe… I’ll support Cheras of course =P

On another note, Mr. A a.k.a. Mr. Cool is still looking for a couple of dedicated monkeys for the Choral Speaking Competition on March 6. The school choir is now recruiting for some other competition, so those interested should head on over to the CPAC floor. =P Harimau’s, pay your RM 16 house fund NOW!!! And, any girls interested in trying out for the under-18 Girls basketball team, we’re playing MSSD end of the month… come and see me. Hazel, plz join!!! >.<

Gotta go, AP now! Bye!!!


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