I died…

in Add Maths class today… >.< Can’t blame me, who can take 2 hours straight of Add Maths class? Haiiz…

Well… basketball was crappy today, I hardly played at all… and I was distracted… Haiiz… and my mind was wandering… Stupid Add Maths… >.< March Past practice will start about February… After the Swimming Gala.

Btw, can anyone can confirm the dance party for this year? >…<

Anyways, Happy Belated Birthday to Sean!!! I’m sorry I couldn’t go to Ampang Point with Taka and you >.< So, so sorry… It’s just my mum doesn’t like me to waste my weekends going out with friends. Haiiz… It’s no longer holidays… ='(

Anyways, I just got told off by my Dad. I gotta go take my bath now and do my homework… while everyone has fun at AP, UKRC, Leisure Mall and obviously, I can’t go…

Bye readers… Wish I had my own place… =/


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