Today, Cempaka went up against Damansara Utama in a few basketball friendly matches, Cempaka won all categories, the under-15 Girls and Guys and the Under -18 Guys.

I didn’t do much actually, just played in the first quarter cause Kiet Yin, the new captain for the under-15 was late >.< Owch… Anyways, I forgot all scores since it was a normal friendly =P The girls played first, and it was okay I guess =P at least I got one in =P

The guys played really rough, and the under-18 team consisted of mostly post-graduates. >.< All the grandparents came back liao. =P

Well, just before the Damansara Utama under-18 Vs. SCC under-18… the coach sent the Damansara Utama girls back and left me in charge of the whole shebang. Damn! It was pretty much an impossible task to get two groups of under-18 guys to listen and get started on a match without a whistle. >.< Plus, the fact that I had to manage one quarter of the under-15 and under-18 guys match, manning the scoreboards and stopwatch. XP

Then there was a minor brawl cause of our lack of competent referees, owch. >..< Anyways, despite all the initial hurdles, the match was finally, done with! =P

Anyways, I apologised to the DU guys for the roughness they encountered with our under-18 guys… They’re pretty nice guys, made me laugh quite a bit =P LOL. Even asked for my number >.< hahaha… funny people.

As for the gals, met Shuen, Kirsten and all the other gals whose name I didn’t really catch =P again. Hehe… they came for a match last year and they were really fun. =D

Anyways, I finally managed to download some Wicked songs =P Wicked, the musical!!! =P Not bad actually, but really hard to sing. Anyone wants to help me? >.<

XP K, time to play stick rpg =P Byebye readers!


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