My Birthday is on the 30th of January people!!! =p Hehehe… Now you all know!!! Muahahaha!!! =P

Anyways, I’m having a Birthday Party and y’all are INVITED!!! =D I’ll be giving out some cards, smses, whatnot… But I don’t have perfect memory, it’s actually qutie blur =P So, just come if you want =)


Place: UKRC (Ulu Kelang Recreation Club), Ampang.
Date: 28th January
( Sunday!!!) *sryy*
Time: 5 p.m. but come early to play sports and games. There’s always people. (Basketball, Soccer…) Bring your own equipment.
Dress Code: Sporty, Outdoors, Messy!!!
Bring a change of clothes!!!

Confirm with me if you’re goin k =D

Just sms me, or call, or e-mail, or whatnot!!! =P Hehehe…

K, giv me a few spams now and then, thanks to Shuen, BoRiz, Sirn Loong and Fizzy who frequently spam me! =D


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