I’m at skewl now!!! =P

Tomorrow’s a holidayy!!! =P and I might even get to go out to KLCC to watch Death Note 2 wit a bunch of krazy folks! =P Woohoo! =P

Of course… I have to work on my Commonwealth Essay, gotta hand it up by Friday… I started off with a kewl, Malaysian story for The Bargain. (Petaling Streetlarrr obviously =P) But then Mr. Al recommended What Slavery Means to Me… So I guess I’m gonna work on both and choose the better one =)

I liked the story idea, duhh, itz mine… XP but the latter would be a much clearer window to win the competition… plu it’s a first class rant opp!!! =P Lucky me. Hehe…

I also discovered that I havn’t posted any new poems for quite a while, actually, I have tons of new ones stashed away in my dad’s laptop. >.< Just malas and short of time to put them up. Lol.

I also made it through the Vocal Master Class yesterday, I just have to improve on my consonance, and the emotions of the song itself. Datz wut Mr. Kang told me. Poor Jason had trouble finding the songs, gonna help him burn soon. =)

I gave him and Alan a sypnosis of Wicked today, which I found entirely by a fluke. =P The song No One Mourns The Wicked, that I downloaded came with “lyrics”, which wasn’t really lyrics, but a complete play by play sypnosis and commentary on the musical. Woohoo! Go me! =P

Well, I wasted enough time over here, time to go and find Para and Hadi, if they always act like they did in todays assembly, then Malaysia should be having *to quote Ben from Fly.fm* a Brand Spanking New entertainment source!!! =P

K, ciao readers. Gimme spams at the chatterbox on the botom left!!! =D


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