Choral Speaking Countdown: 12 practice days

I have a sudden craving for chocolate coated candy canes >.< LOL. People have been popping into my house because of sheer boredom… LOL

Thursday, Jimi, Mark and John turned up… I gave them “somethin” to eat… then we went on9 like crap and finally cycled over to UKRC, then Steph’s house, then we went to Melawati area’s bball court =P to meet the usual Sat bball gang plus a few extras =P

Anyways, we had a game with a few random people, where I got to “show off” my bball moves =P Hey, it was fun *Shrugs*

Anyways, Saturday, Nelson, this guy near my house came over cause he was bored… He tried to log in to Friendster and completely forgot his e-add when Lex rescued him =P Then I helped him update his Friendster profile for the fun of it XP Oh well…

On that same night, the adults went off to have fun at Unc Lee’s place, so as usual, all the “kids” were left off at my place… LOL… watching 3 movies in a row…

Oh well, my rest time is up, bye readers! Slide me some spamm!!!


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