Field Trip and Basketball

Tomorrow, the Form 4’s and Form 5’s will be over at the KLCC Convention Centre to check out the exhibition on Islamic Scientific History, it’s really interesting as I’ve been there before and I just can’t wait to grab more pics! =)

The sad thing is we got split up into groups and we have to do research and gather information on certain exhibits. My group member is… Idzham!!! =P We gotta gather information on some ancient map. Owh… >.<

I also got a suprise phone call from my old friend,, =P whom I met at HUGE camp 2006… He was lookin for members for a basketball team for the Petronas 3-0n-3 challenge. Benjamin volunteered, and I hope he at least one more player >.<

When I called back, we kinda made plans to meet up there, since I most probably will be there with friends anyways. So I’m going there to support them and then maybe hang out =) Yay! =P Cant wait >.<

Well, my commonwealth essay is in its finishing stages… I guess its pretty okay… I’m writing on slavery, I kinda ditched The Bargain story. Maybe I’ll continue it for blog posting when I’m free =P Hehe…

K, gotta go finish my formal letter, tomorrows the deadline’s deadline =P K, gotta go…

I so hate monthly tests… >.<


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