CNY i-Movie project

Saturday (Filming)
In the afternoon, my dad dropped me off at Jason’s house, where I then hitched a ride to Chen Yee’s kewl house. =P Then, we ate my mum’s cookies =P (Which she WILL start selling next year due to HUGE demand =P) then we wasted time and finally, got cracking on the filming =P

I’ll post the video out over here after we’re done with it, and I might even post the unedited parts =P Muahahaha… Old Shang Chuen =P

Sunday (Resting)
Supposed to go KLCC for the Petronas 3 0n 3(Sorry!!! >…< Oh no! Sryy to all the people who were waiting for my replies…

Monday (Editing)
There was a lot of fuss over editing, cause there was at first, no compatible cable for my video camera, then there was not enough battery and whatnot… So… finally, we got started and the whole class is over at the YJC room now during Bio so e can edit it, Kent Siong is helping us out, and we’re gonna belanja him somehow >.< Hehe… Oh well… it was pretty fun today anyways =P

K, I better get off now, it’s lunch and my second auditions are after this…


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