CNY Celebration & GreenBox Outing

The CNY celebration at skewl yesterday went great!!! =P It was like a total Red Sea, with most of the students in red =) The assembly was great too =P

Looks like most people enjoyed the i-Movie pretty well =P Any feedbacks? Btw, with the success of the first F4Sc1 i-Movie, we’ve decided to make another one before year end, most probably after the last term exam. Yay! =)

Shalani has the final product of out i-Movie on her thumb-drive, and she’ll be adding and removing a few EXTRA things before she burns a few CD’s and sends it to anyone who wants one =P

Since it was such a great success, our class decided to go celebrate, at GreenBox Karoake =P It was at some place I’ve never been before, a new Jusco site =P Shalani’s family (Really nice and friendly people) gave me a lift from skewl, and then we met up with Sher Min and Chi Yee in front of GreenBox. Then we went in and and began singing Jay Chou songs while waiting for the other guys… Ooh, there was unlimited free drinks btw =P Hehe…

Finally, after some time, Jason came, followed by Shang Chuen and Ka Hean, then they started requesting for songs which I usually listen to, but have no idea who sang it or what the lyrics are >.English songs! >) Muahahaha… =P

We also had this little joke =P Shalani and I were talking about in school, discussing on and… How seemed to be playing all the OLD song suddenly… like The Tide Is High by Atomic Kitten… and she was doing the actions and stuff =P THEN… I saw the song in the song selection and decided to choose it =P Later on, Shalani took a look at our playlist and she was like, “WHAT is THAT doing there???” LOL.

Well, after awhile, Alan and Alex joined us, then Sher Min and Chee Yi left, Jason ciaoed, then Ke Hean and Shang Chuen left, then Shalani and I decied to K.O. =P Alan and Alex then went to order a new room to sing in =P

I then followed Shalini to her Chinese/English home, which is beautiful btw =) and Sharmilla, Shalani and I embarked on an interesting convesation about poisoned stones/candy and SPONGEBOB! =P Hehe… Then I followed my parents off to makan at a Mamak Stall, then went back home and collapsed >.<

LOL, all in all, it was a great day =P We should do this more often guys =)

Btw, Good Luck to Ms. Ng, shake the kids in Johor for us Cempakans!!! You were one of the best teacehrs I’ve had!!! We’ll ALL miss you!=)


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