MARA Trial Papers

I bet that this year, our Cempakan teachers are gonna get the MARA papers for us students once again, through their “sources”, but I’m sure some of us already wanna get started, and I’ve already managed to locate the database for all MARA Trial SPM papers 😉 Over—-> here

I mean, I know Cempakans usually wait for the teachers to give them the exercises, but usually I’m a little behind when they start piling it on… >.<

So… I decided, why not get it done first? =P So, I checked forums, chatrooms and websites, (Btw, forums are really good to discuss and ask help for hmwk =P) to find trial papers or exercises and then…

I hit the Motherlode! The entire database of MARA papers. =P

Go Lex. =P

Anyways, these are really more for my classmates, since they seem to really enjoy the extra practise, but in truth, everyone is welcome to them, cause…. They’re not mine anyways =P I’m just sharing what I’ve found ;D

So… Bon Appetit My Friends =)

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