It All Boils Down To…

I like life,
I respect it.

Life brings so much with it and it leaves a lot more behind. It’s like a good traditional family recipe where electric and machinery have no part.

The type of lemon pound cake, hand-mixed with fresh home-grown lemons which, once removed from the oven to cool on the windowsill, smells so mouth-wateringly tasty that any young boy who walks by and catches a whiff of that deliciously buttery aroma would run home and beg his mom to make one just for him.

But like all recipes, not all ingredients are sweet, and most are bitter. After all, too sweet a taste can make you sick.

There are the bad stuff,
like being rejected from a new job or falling down from your bicycle.

There are the good stuff,
getting a better job offer or riding your bike perfectly for the very first time.

There are the boring bits,
home alone on a Saturday night or waiting endlessly and wondering if it’s worth it, for someone to turn up on a blind date.

There are the exciting bits,
a suprise visit from a significant other when you had no plans whatsoever or finding out your blind date was an old flame, who you’ve sorely missed and wished you’ve had a second chance to be with.

There are the bitter, tart moments,
the loss of a friend or diagnosis of a terminal illness.

There are the moments sweeter then anything that surpass any bitterness you have tasted,
regaining a closer friend or celebrating those few more months of a fulfilling, sastifying life.

Mix it all together…

Add some nutty bits, a little Hope to hold it all together, a dash of Faith to spice it up, and bake with tons of creamy Love…

It all boils down to this..
A Magnifique Recipe

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