Don’t be Shy

How do I [a girl] talk to a guy?
Some of my girl-friends have said to me…
“How can you talk to guys so easily? I could never do that.”

Well, I don’t exactly know, but I’ve always been more familiar with guys than girls… Even when I was a little girl. I was more of a tomboy who didn’t play with barbie dolls and loved playing tag and catching grasshoppers with the guys. (I caught bigger and better ones than them btw. XP) We had tons of fun though, we would always laugh and joke around. If we got angry at each other it’ll blow over like a storm in a teacup sooner or later. =)

So I had more fun hanging out with guys than girls.

Most girls wouldn’t even talk to me because they would scream at the sight of a grasshopper and say no whenever I asked them if they wanted to play catch. They also had this annoying habit of holding grudges against me, and treating me like mud. So for such things to occur to a little girl like me… I came to the conclusion that…

Guys were more fun than girls. Period.

So I continued hanging out with guys. As I progressed in years, I started making more “girl -friends” but the majority of my friends were still guys. =P I was comfortable with them, and usually whenever I talk to a guy, I’m friendly and at ease, because I could usually read them quite easily.

Girls… are kinda tough to read, they’re very complicated books. But I don’t mind the suprises, I just like to know hot to handle something unexpected. After all, I don’t really like talking to people who would be sugary sweet one second, and explode in volcanic anger the next for no apparent reason.

Don’t do that. It’s scary. >.<

Anyways, I just talk to guys like I do any other human being. I usually make the first move, and just be friendly, cause I want to make friends. I do the same to make friends with girls too. That’s all. I was kinda shy at a certain period in time, but I figured, if I was having difficulties trying to make friends, but I STILL wanna make friends anyways… Then chances are that guy is feeling the same way too.

So I’ll just make the first move.

It saves time AND saves me from akward “what-to-do-now” situations. I just go do it =P It’s also feels great to make a new friend now and then. =) I learn a little more from everyone.

I guess you really have to be interested in a person to want to talk to him/her, and even to be friends. So, show an interest in the person, and talk. But please don’t fake it, that sucks. If you don’t know what he/she is talking about, then ask. It’s interesting to learn something new. =)

Just be sincere when you make friends
No matter what
That’s all. =)

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