Guilt Food guilt…

I’m actually beginning to feel guilty for eating certain foods these days, and I’m even feeling concerned about my fitness and well-being. It may seem impossible, but just now, I actually took 10 seconds to choose whether to snack on a bar chocolate or a kiwi.

I mean, that’s just… unnatural.

Of course, I do love kiwis as well, but compared to chocolate, that hairy glob of green flesh is usually no competition… At least, that’s what I thought… So, how in the world did the kiwi win???

It’s not right!

Well, I think it has something to do with the fact that most of the guys I know actually starve themselves and work out at the gym every free moment they get. Just to get their Limited Edition Most Wanted Six-Pack.

But how did that affect my appetite???

After all, just imagine that poor bar of chocolate, all alone and freezing cold in my refrigerator… It’s heart-breaking…

Maybe it’s the hairy legs, or maybe it’s the meal-skipping…

But I’m not going to let those things influence me anymore!!! No way, Hosea! I’m going to be healthy AND enjoy my food!!

Now where’s that chocolate? =P

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