So Tired…

I Hate Mondays.

Yeah, that’s the T-shirt I was wearing in the morning when I crawled up from my bed and stumbled into a wall. Oh well, at least I missed the door…

Kinda… >.<

I haven’t had time to update since the Bronze Expedition, which was really fun! But kinda tiring… =P Made loads of new friends, it was nice meeting y’all. Hope to see you guys more often, pretty soon in fact XP Well, there were quite a lot of activities, I had tons of fun.
Yay. =P
The bad parts were the leeches, who wants to wake up covered in those slimy, blood-sucking… things?
Not me.

Well, I pity Fizz during the camp, You can head over to his blog to see/ask why. =P Btw, there are tons of rumours around this place about him and someone else… I hate rumours, and so does he, so I’m gonna tell you right now… Stop it. Don’t go bothering him anymore…

He is loyal and his eyes don’t go wandering around like some other guys. So, you know who you are, stop spreading stupid rumours…

Or you’ll get it.

Anyways, I hardly had any sleep in the past few days, cause I couldn’t really sleep during dinner on Saturday and when I finally did, I woke up at 7.00am.m in the morning to get to church…

Fat lot of good that did. XP

Then after church I went home, packed, got ready then went off to pick up K.N. & P.N at Jelatek station before heading off to this rad indoor court at Batu Tunggal 11. I bagged some new basketball moves XP even though I kinda sucked, but I’m going to do by best to master the precious few I managed to grasp, and a few others…

All for the Love of Harimau. =)

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