Pandoras Box:
Jealousy breeds malice when I don’t seem to have what you do. I hide it well enough but it still festers behind the mask I’ve put up in this…
Masquerade of Life.
I’m feeling emotions colliding and shifting inside my soul, causing tremors and earthquakes and rare but abrupt volcanic eruptions inside of me.
Sometimes I wonder why other people have so much freedom,
So much MORE then I seem to own.
But then I look a little closer at the Looking-Glass, and I wipe away the smudges and the smears that Society has placed on it…
And the Reality is…
I have the same as most, it’s just kept away from me…
For now.
“For all Good things in a materialistic sense, in excess…
Can corrupt, and Therefore,
is Bad.”
But I still wish that I could indulge myself more sometimes, and I sometimes I even yearn to live a life alone, where all of my actions can’t impact Anyone close to Me.
I wish I could live like You.
Well, I’ve opened up my heart, and now the first Sin has escaped…
Pandora’s Box

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