Food Rampage
Sin: Gluttony
I need to start eating better and lose some of my dead-weight… Seriously >.<
Hehe… Yesterday, I bought a ton of chocolate, snacks and drinks… =P Then I just ate like crap. XP
I ate 2 bars of chocolate, a cheesy bag of snacks, a bottol of Zapple, a chocolate Twiggies, and an ice-cream. >.<
Hehe… Then I went home and ate dinner. XP Stuffed… =P
Anyways, this morning, I ate doughnuts! =P Yum… Hehe..
Finally, I topped it up with a cup of cocoa…
Then I packed 2 tuna sandwiches and an apple for school. =P
I better stop eating so wierdly… But then…
What am I going to do with the rest of that chocolate calling out to me from my room??? =(
See how wierd I am? XP

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