Back From China

I’ll upload pics later on China XP

Just wanted to tell y’all that I’m back, but of course I’ll be busy very soon with the i-movie filming, working, the Pulau Perhentian trip soon and finally the Grimmerie Weekend for the school production, The Witches Of Oz. =P
I was with my family, extended family included, over in China for a 6D5N trip, complete with a fast-talking tour guide. I visited Xiamen, some lesser-developed rural area of China and Fu Zhou.
I forgot the village area’s name Sorry >.
Xiamen was the most developed of the three and I dubbed it the “Eastern Las Vegas” the moment I saw it at night. =P You see, the highways had bright neon lights paving them, the buildings were made-up in ultra modern clothes of many hues. It was amazing, and the view was especially breath-taking when I viewed the bridge, the island and even the carnival from a nighttime boat cruise.

The boat cruise was really memorable and I liked the traditional instrument performance a lot, but the singer who sang later on just made my phone’s earphones come out to rescue my ears with some music from The Fray XP Btw, most of my trip was spent with music of Lady Sovereign, Dolla, Pink, Simple Plan, Lionel Richie and Busted blasting in my ears. Kena a lecture from my aunt, Elaine cause of that, I stopped listening as frequently as usual, but I couldn’tresist near the end of the trip.

Emo lil me. XP

There was also a puppet show put on by the staff on the boat, it was really amazing how tiny characters made of little pieces of cloth stitched over our fingers and hands could perform such interesting and marvellous feats. =P They made me laugh at whim and introduced me to so much of China’s culture.

Child at heart

There was also a visit to a “Piano Island” where a famous musician cum piano collecter from Xiamen had donated beautiful pianos made by famous craftsmen. That was also the place I found out that studying in China wasn’t such a bad idea after all… Also, I found out that, as a n unwritted social rule, public swimming pools were only for guys. >.<

Cause girls were too… self-conscious… *cough*

LOL. There’s one thing I know about girls in China, is that they’re really quite aggresive.

Must be the lack of guys. >.< (The tour guide, Xiao Li, told us that in China, there’re more girls than guys. *Dayem* And to get married you required the 5C’s, I’m not really sure I remembered all of them but…

China’s 5C’s
Credit card

Lol. Must be tough XP
My 5C’s are a little different =P In fact, I had to add in an extra 1 =P

Lex’s 6C’s

Lol. I like my C’s =P Anyways, my cousin in China (Unknownest to me until I met the rest of the family in China) told me that girls in China would dress up and doll themselves up like mad every single day, and especially at night. XP

I saw the proof. =P

Another aggresive point in China… we were on the bus when a fight suddenly boke out amongst some teenagers on the side of the road. It was the first time I’ve seen something like that happen as a whole gang started beating up one guy. It stopped as suddenly as it had started, and the victim slunk away with his girlfriend, bleeding from a cut on his cheek…

Shocked moi

Speaking of girlfriends, if I had a yen for every couple I saw on the streets, I would’ve been a millionare in China XP Sadly, being Malaysian, it would’ve been half that. The currency in China is Yen, and it approx half the worth of Malaysian Ringgit. I had a field day shopping over there XP

You see, China has a lot of factories that deal in apparel, so there are numerous clothes at cheap prices. So many factories infact, that my two cousin brothers in China are both in the fashion industry. One is a fashion designer and one, a tailor.

Of course, my style was hardly incoporated there. The main style? Nope, not hip-hop, not sporty, it was LALA! >.<

I’m sorry to have to say that I have a kind of scorn for Lala-ians… Not only do the clothing fit the wearers badly, the unwritten rule that Lala clothes have to have a certain amount of cloth in it just strikes me as odd.

I mean, whenever they wear shorts to the thigh or mini-skirts, I noticed that the stockings must be long (Knee Length at minimum) or the blouse should be long-sleeved. When they have long pants, the shirt should be cropped at the waist or some other unwritten but bizarre rule. >.<

I guess they cut off the length of their pants to make their stockings XP

As for the guys, I don’t mind the hot guys. But going topless on the streets at any time isn’t exactly a norm for me. I saw guys just strip in crowded shopping areas and walk around with their shirt clung on their backs as they survey the crowd. I hope they use deodorant XP

I don’t mind the guys fashion actually =P

Now, coming to food, I had a great-uncle on the trip that complained about almost every meal XP But in reality, the food was sumptous and simple disappeared down my throat. In fact, I had to say I drank the food in like there was no tomorrow XP

Btw, most of you already know I ate worms, and their crap. >.<

It wasn’t bad, lol, though I don’t exactly have a passion for slimy things. XP

Well, my fingers need a break so I’m heading out for dinner with my family now. Btw, Shrek 3 rocks and made me laugh throughout =P I watched it with my ISCA cell just now at KLCC. Jonathan interrupted! Suddenly called about i-movie filming. XP Well, met Samuel and Kears there as well, both watched the same movie at the same cinema tym =P Willias was working so I didnt get to see him.

Too bad. XP

K, I g2g people. I’ll tell you guys about tea-tasting, people in China, silkworm manufacturing, a man who worked in Singapore to build up education in China, holidays and customs in China, Shopping and Basketball! XP
Peace out, and stay alive. =)

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