I’m so sorry for late posts and the like. I’m still tired. So I’ll jsut leave a few short notes on what I did.

I left for Pulau Perhentian on Monday with a few families and a bunch of friends at 4a.m. in the morning on a bus.

Reached PIR (Perhentian Island Resort) around lunch.

Food Sucked in my opinion.

Swam. Didnt really enjoy the agressive fish and dead coral. Nice beach though.

Food tastes stale, Me no likie.

Hanged out more with friends. Couldn’t go snorkelling cause of monthly problems. >.<

Went swimming with Megan and Ashleigh instead, played WOW (Wrestling over Water) Hehe…

All kids hanged out at my room almost every night to play Boggle, listen to songs and play UNO.

Jon (cousin) and I played Scissors, Paper and Stone to see who would refill our drinks XP Fun I played beach soccer, and died XP

Kena food poisoning on the third day. Food SUX!

Daniel and family left earlier than usual. Had food poisoning the next day. Food Sucked. Rooms were clean but rundown.

Note to self: Never stay in Perhentian Island Resort again. Lang Tengah rocks way more.

Went home on the bus. Laughed and videoed Wayne doing his crazy hyper antics.

Learnt that the length of your foot is actually the same length as your fore arm. >.

I came back late on Thursday night due to a delayed flight. (AirAsia, Sound familiar? XP) Then the airlines lost my luggage. >.<

Had a “party” on Thurday night complete with pizza and “music” Hehe…

Then left for school at 7.30a.m. next morning for a 3D2N Grimmerie Weekend (Theatre Workshop)

Played football with Year 8’s and Fiz first. =P

Did a workshop with Mr. Chee. Was placed in group Glinda. Nice people. Made friends =)

Btw, I’m a Flying Monkey for the production, Witches of Oz. XP Suit my character? ;p

Solved riddles in a Witches Hunt. But we left one out >.<

Froze over for one night because I forgot my sleeping bag.

Learned a lot of new dance steps from Mr. Daniel.

Tried to solve a murder, but failed. >.

Had one COLD night. Even with the sleeping bag.

Twisted my way through Yoga with Miss Judimar.

Did a crazy stage presentation.

Laughed myself silly at team Morrible’s wacky stage presentation. (Chelphaba, Toadamond and Guylinda XP)

Came home tired and sore at 2.30p.m. Took a nap.

Then walked over to UKRC for some basketball. Smoked the hoops.

Then it rained. So I just hanged out with Jon Chia and the RC gang later on XP

Went home. Showered, ate, slept.

Woke up late in the morning. Piano class.

Blog. =)

And now, Sleep.


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