Witches of Oz production rehearsals have officially started XP

The flying monkeys dance routine is pretty cool, it’s short but very demanding. My more unhealthy physique serves to tire me out even more.


I have aching leg and arm muscles that luckily a friend has the expertise to massage and ease, my head is still spinning from attempted cartwheels that another friend helped with (A couple of well-placed tips.) and my head is unconsciously going through all kinds of dance routines to ensure I don’t mess up the next dance >.< (Obviously has happened before.)

Well, I got to know some people better through this production, I even managed to make a few new friends. (Yes, the anti-social, shy random girl can make friends too. =P)

Well, considering all things, I survived the first two practices I’ve attended, even Cody’s singing XP (Joking. It’s not half bad.)

The good thing about being a confused flying mammal is that I get to be in the opening dance of the entire production.

The bad thing is that I am most probably going to be looking extremely grosteque in bat wings and intense-looking twisted flesh.


Anyways, hope y’all come see this amazing show ;p

I’ll add more later =) Ciao


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