Practices go on…

Looks like I’m hosting the sports show in Cempaka with Fiz and Adam =P

I’m actually pretty excited. XP Hehe… But now gotta write the script for the show AND the Cempaka Wireless advertistment thing.

Yay XP

I got even more excited when I found out I could host my own show. =P I think I’ll take that up later on after the production. =)

It’ll be so fun. XP

Btw, Aminah from Damansara campus has a pretty cool blog =P

All hail the Heartbreaker, visit

=) She’s a crazy, hyper, emo girl btw =P

Be Forewarned ;P

Well, I was annoying Fiz, Muhaimin and Shella st C3 singing What Is This Feeling from Wicked. XP

Unadulterated Loathing.
For Your Face,
Your Hair,
Your Clothing.
Let’s Just Say,
I Loathe It All!

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