Hairy Issues

Love Me Or Hate Me by Lady Sovereign is a great song and it is something I can really relate to…
My Hair!

Yeap, my hair can look so good even I can relent and say it actually looks…


But it can also frizz up like I just decided to do dreadlocks, look unbalanced and make me a Peasant-woman-in-the-woods wannabe, mess up my face and irritate my skin, imitate straw and best of all, just look plain MESSY.

Yeap, I love my hair… I *LOVEEE* it. >.<

Who knows… I might just shave my head bald XP

Actually there’s an article in StarTwo introducing readers to some very interesting individuals who made drastic changes to their hair and made a statement, changed their lifestyle habits AND shocked family and friends.

They’re youths… Big suprise there. =P

Anyways, I support the fact they’re making a statement, and I wish I had the guts and the resources to do a total makeover for my life.

But my current lifestyle works for me pretty well =)

SO I’ll stick to it for now, just with a few minor adjustments to keep me moving ;P

Well, getting back to my hair. I think I’ll give it some time =)

Or not. >)

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