Support Sue on 8TV’s So You Think You Can Dance tonight at 8.30p.m. people! XP

Vote her cause she’s Cempakan and she rox! XP

She cheorographed me for the Simba, King of the Jungle production =D Damn chun

Her contemporary rox hell =D

Besides that? There’s a carnival going on from 10a.m.-3p.m. This Sunday at SMK Ulu Kelang. Get coupons from Jim Mee =D

There’s also a campaign event against violence at Dataran Merdeka 2morrow evening starting from 4p.m. Plz, join in and support our cause.

P.S. Come support Cempaka Beat and the cheerleaders as well =D

Point Blanc and Jacqueline will be there for the concert as well XP

And before I forget… XP

Happy belated Birthday to Illy, I heard her party rocked and I was so sad I missed it for the China trip.

Happy Birthday to Para and good luck with your surgery! We all miss you! =)


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