Lemme fill my readers in on the things I have been doing these past 2 months or so XP:

Witches of Oz rocked Malaysia, the best show, was the last show. When cast, crew and audience cried at the very LAST song, For Good. (I will get the soundtrack soon, the original Cempaka version.)

Sadly, my handphone was stolen during that time as well…

I miss my Monkey Family.

I danced Latin Ballroom with my partner Brian, along with Fiz, Ellya, Isabelle and Bernard. Yes, with a dress, in heels. >.<

I sent in an application to BRATs due to my parents nagging XP But they submitted it late, so whatever XP

I wanted to join a World Poverty camp during the hols, but sadly, it clashes with my Practical and Theory piano exams. (Sad…)

I got to catch up on 2 months of School in less than 2 weeks.

I have joined the ranks of the tuition going students these days at Prestasi tuition for Add Maths, Physics and B.M. =P I think I’ll join more soon, if I have the time XP

I started playing Runescape again >.< Hehe… It’s addictive

I started contenging worse than before, and the song writing has started up again. Lol

I’m unofficially grounded for the moment until my grades are up and after my piano exams.

I’m joining the AND1 3-on-3 at BTS, Sept 9 with Taka and Jyeong Jun.

I’m going out with friends after the practical but I had to turn down a party. =(

I have had the urge to pick up my phone nearly every night.

I got a cool guitar pick.
I MADE a guitar pick XP

I started blogging again XP For how long I have no idea.

I’ve found 2 reviews on Witches of Oz so far, at www.kakiseni.com and www.klue.com.my

Anyways, just to support Malaysian Streetball, check out the cool stuff at www.and1malaysia.blogspot.com

Anyways, I gotta get to bed now before I collapse in exhaustation, but before that, just go to YouTube and search for namewee,
he did this interesting parody of the Negaraku.

Finally, come to BTS, Sept. 9 and support me people!!!

Details on cast party so far: It’s in September. XP

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