I am officially the worst organiser ever…
I just got off the phone with Fiz and what do you know? The usual thing happens. EVERYONE I invited to go out today cancelled, mostly last minute, or forgot completely about it…
Yeah, I suck…
Right now, i feel like ranting…
But part of me says it’s pointless, and my time is better off spent on more worthwhile things then wasting it on things that’re never going to happen.
Forget it…
I’m gonna go do something to get my very stupid head off my very annoyingly emo day… >.<
For what it’s worth, the party was chun, the view was fantastic, the company was enjoyable, the food was delectable, the music was limited but good, the dancing was cacated yet fun and the
Birthday girl rocked =)
I loved the “penthouse” and balloons =)
I released a balloon…
…And made a wish.
Right now, I do anything to take that wish back.
It’s not worth it.

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