I like 7-11
It’s a great convenience store that’s littered across the area like Chinese students in a government school =P
Not too many and not too little, and the ratio to customers is pretty okay XP
I went to the store near the mosque on Wednesday with Ardi and Shalini =P Shalini’s mum came and gave us a lift in a HUGE, bew-teee-ful car XP BMW I think >.<
Anyways, putting aside the fact that I’m obviously a car noob… the three of us went into the store after school , and spent give or take 15-20 minutes in there.
Right now you’re probably thinking, what were we doing in there?? Well, let’s make a little… well, maybe not so little…
List of Fun Things to do at 7-11(Yay, fun! XP)
1. Buy food and drinks
(Duh, why else would we be there right? =P)

2. Browse
(Now, this is not buying stuff. This is merely window shopping minus the window and the shopping… Wait, that’s not helping… Ooh, shopping and helping, it rhymes! XP

3. Eat Oreos
(Yes, Ardi bought some Oreos and some milk that we snipped open and he taught Shalini and I how to eat ’em. [Twist, Lick and Dunk] I skipped the first two though XP I am currently still haunted by delicious-ness of it all XP)

4. Buy stuff for a sister through the wonderful technology that is “mobile phonage” =P
(Shalini had to buy instant noodles for her sister. It was a VERY grueling task, serious! We took a long time to recover from all the laughing =P)

5. Waste money
(Yea, Ardi was broke when we were done.)

6. Make new friends
(I said hi to the cashier, who just happened to be the same one who saw my hair-do and make-up during the production, TWICE! And of course, it’s all thanks to Illy non? I don’t think she recognised me though.

7. Clean up
(Picture Oreo crumbs scattered on the counter and on the floor =P)

8. Read magazines
(Well, I didn’t read exactly XP Just flipped through it and wonder why people pay for things they can get on TV, the internet or the news for free… Uhh.. Homer much? =P)

9. Look at stuff you’re never gonna buy
(This is kinda like browsing, which is kinda like window shopping without the window and shopping, which rhymes with helping. But it’s better!! XP That’s cause you know you’re NEVER gonna buy cosmetics, fags, a cigar filter or a shaver from 7-11 EVER =P)

10. Spend time with good friends =)
The whole point =)

Thanks for the Great Company, the Food, and above all, the Friendship.
God bless. =)

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